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    Affiliated with Clarion Events Ltd. (London)
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    Unique Content is the Foundation of Embark Events
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    We create unique “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences around the globe.

Business to Business Event Management

The Embark team has produced 1,000 client events in 40 countries.

Our global partner, Clarion Events, organizes 200 global exhibitions and conferences annually that include 12,000 companies sponsoring or exhibiting and 700,000 people attending.


Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis

Dean, Marshall School of Business

University of Southern California

“Embark represents a powerful combination of world-class event delivery and disciplined business-growth success.  This highly experienced team offers you a unique opportunity to present your strategic messages to targeted audiences on a local, regional, or global stage.  Developing and implementing concepts that carry an impact and deliver information about the […]


Embark is based in Chicago, London and North Carolina.

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